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Automated Insurance Solutions was founded to develop and provide cutting edge technology solutions to businesses operating in the insurance and claims markets.

Our products bring together the most advanced and adaptable technologies available to provide solutions which not only enhance the customer experience but introduce new efficiencies and ensure maximum cost control.

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Ease Of Use
Designed with accessibility in mind, BAIL allows any user to assess motor claims liability like an expert.
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Efficient Input
Unique image-based UI collects only relevant data in an intelligent and logical way. No more endless data capture.
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Consistent Success
We reduce your risk by ensuring that every single query is handled with maximum accuracy and expertise.

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Take a tour of this innovative Rainbird-powered motor liability resolution tool, created by Automated Insurance Solutions. BAIL can derive liability in motor insurance claims and is designed for use at First Notification of Loss (FNoL) by insurance contact centre teams.

Ben Taylor (CEO)
Ben had five years as Sales Director of Accredita and more than a decade in the insurance claims industry. Having co-founded Accredita back in 2012 he has seen the business grow from a startup to becoming a key outsource partner to some of the largest stakeholders in the non-fault and accident management markets.
Ben is experienced at delivering new business, process development, operational management and the creation of innovative products and solutions for new and existing partners.
George Laws (CTO)
An entrepreneur with over 14 years' experience at the helms of marketing and technology consultancies. George is most proud of his established track record in business development, logistics and partnerships. His skills include leadership, problem-solving, marketing with a sharp eye for commercial opportunities.
His role includes oversight of the development of products as well as strategic support.


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BAIL is our AI-powered automated liability assessment tool. Available via our standalone web portal or via direct API integration it walks users through obtaining and assessing information before providing a forecasted liability outcome with supporting reference material and reasoning.

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AXIS is our modular claims management system designed for use by accident management companies and credit hire operators to manage their end-to-end claims process. They system can be delivered as a full solutions or as individual modules to complement existing software packages. AXIS can be utilised from live FNOL all the way though to final settlement and supplier payment.


As well as our 'off the shelf' products we can offer a fully tailored solution to ensure optimum results

Number 1
Understanding the requirements
Allow us to work with you to truly understand the requirements and define the key goals for the solution
Number 2
Designing the solution
Our team will design and produce a model based on what we've learned and observed during stage 1 for you to explore and adjust to suit. This is a crucial learning stage and allows us to tweak and adjust the component parts
Number 3
The Build
Having finalised the specification and features in stage 2 we can commence the build process. We'll keep you informed every step of the way showing you each new release to get your feedback and input as we perfect the model
Number 4
Once we've finalised and tested the model we will work with your teams to ensure a smooth integration with your existing systems and processes

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